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OilGear XL-75B 37.5 Ton Broach


Ton Capacity: 37.5 Ton
Stroke: 72 Inches
Normal Pulling Capacity (lbs): 75,000
Peak Pulling Capacity (lbs): 112,000
Cutting Speed (Variable): 4-24 FPM
Return Speed (Variable): 80 FPM
Broach Cylinder Bore: 11 ¼ Inch
Minimum Length of Stroke: 6 Inches
Maximum Length of Stroke: 72 Inches
Diameter of Hole in Face Plate: 11.000 ~ 11.002 inches
Bore in Main Reducing Bushing: 7.000 ~ 7.002 inches
Distance Between Crosshead Ways: 11 inches
Face Plate to Fae Plate of Crosshead Slide: 12 inches
Thread in Crosshead Slide: 3-6N3
Vert. Crosshead Adj. Above or Below C/L: 2 inches
Floor to C/L of Crosshead: 36 inches
Type of Pump: DX-6011
Speed of Pump: 860 RPM
Direct Connected Motor: 40HP
220/440/3/60 Wired 220

Equipped With

Push Button Control
Ram Speed Control
Coolant Pump
Tonnage Gauge

Dimensions: 208” x 48” x 64”
Weight: 15,500 lbs


Price: $25,000

Stock No: RD540
Model: XL-75-B
Serial No.:
Year: n/a



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